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80 Brown should have made music much earlier than he actually did. 


A multi-instrumentalist and established piano vocalist in London’s bars, 80 loved to sing other people’s songs, even when Sweet Caroline internally tortured him at times, however he always yearned for more.


After 10 years of being comfortable in the background as a keyboardist and backing vocalist for bands and other musicians, 80 met Sunny, of Brit-nominated music production/songwriter duo Loose Change, in 2018 and discovered a new passion. Under Sunny’s tutelage, 80 learned about the production and songwriting process and was inspired to create his own music.


In 2020, 80 released his debut single ‘And I Need You’, inspired by his love for deep house and trance music. 80 classifies himself as ‘genre-fluid’, producing multiple tracks without defining himself into one style. His tracks range from mixing elements of soul, R&B and Latin with electronic music as well as writing deeper songs with only a piano.


Being British-born with an Iraqi and Malaysian heritage and never having lived in the same place for more than five years, 80 loves feeling as lost in his music as he sometimes does in the world. He hopes you will as well.






+44 7814 665912